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I am a reflection of where I come from and my loved ones around me. My work mirrors the strength, passion, and support that they give me. Everything I do is to make myself, and my loved ones proud. 
My work emulates the culture that my Guyanese family has endowed on me, which is heavily rooted in a love for music, family, and unapologetic joy.  In experiencing the generations of community from my own family and growing up in Queens, New York, I’ve found a passion in learning about cultures different from my own, and my sound design aims to bring light to those cultures and stories that may not have the space they deserve.  
I hope the sonic worlds that I create in my work educate and inspire audiences to learn more. My loud and dramatic work aims to force people out of their comfort zones as they find themselves listening to something beautifully brand new, as well as create space and comfort for those familiar. 

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Photos by Jameer Robinson

Photos by Jameer Robinson

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