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Is God Is by Aleshea Harris

Fordham University Studio

Aleshea Harris explores the ancient, the modern, the mythic, and the epic in her darkly comedic, tragic, and unapologetic play, Is God Is. Explored through heightened language aided by artistic typography, the play is about two abandoned twin sisters who’ve paved their way through life with visible burns and scars. Having already gone through the trauma of raising themselves and one another, they find out that their parents are not only alive, but that their father’s vengeance is what sparked the fire that displaced them. With their mother on her deathbed, will they fulfill her dying wish by killing their only other biological parent and the do-over family he has replaced them with?

Directed by Jayda Jones

Set Design by Raquel Sklar 

Lighting Design by Raina Williams & Kat Fitz 

Projection Design by Alex Alipio

Costume Design by Harry Cooper

Photos by Cason Doyle

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